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Strategic Project Management Plan

Strategic Project Management Plan

Strategic Project Management Plan:

Project Planning:

Upon Award of that projects, our technical team engages with the Consultant, Main Contractor, and Interior Designer in a meeting to discuss all sites prerequisites where applicable. All necessary documentation such as detailed designs, layouts, shop drawings, and CAD drawings are generated to reflect all agreed upon or as-built requirements. Our project manager is assigned to each project in order to consult, coordinate and supervise provisioning work executed by the Main Contractor.

Project Execution:

Before starting with the project execution phase, a project progress report is created to reflect the timeline, deliverables, and tasks required to complete the project. The report is shared with the team highlighting the requirement needed from each department and engineer. The same report is updated on a weekly and monthly basis and the progress is compared to the deliverables, accordingly weekly and monthly programs are made.

Every project is translated to a program of works that are aligned with the Main Contractors schedule. This tool is crucial in our works where strict compliance to our schedule is ensured through weekly progress meetings and proper updating of the same.

A skilled team of our engineers and technicians install all materials, commission all active and passive equipment, conduct stress testing on installed devices and systems.

Upon installation, the programming phase is initiated where before handing over, the Client is involved in the final stage where the solution is presented and technical in how the equipment works & satisfy the Client’s feedback.

Upon completing all optimization tasks, a handover document is presented to the client along with a walkthrough of all features of the installed systems and training on usage.

Procurement Process:

A major discipline/catalyst in our job is procurement, especially since many MEP and specifically A/C items are long lead ones which require a long time and good planning with our trusted vendors. All items to be procured must comply with the project specs and requirements. At YZ, we ensure that the best products are provided to our clients by having our team of experts always following up with the latest technology and improvements allowing us to make recommendations to our project stakeholders with solutions that will cater to better efficiency and performance.

After Sales Service:

We provide Guarantees and Certificates for Annual warranty of materials & service or upon agreement with clients that aims at continuously adding value to any Client deployment by troubleshooting services. On site support, preventative maintenance that will ensure any installed system is always up to date with the latest features in the industry.

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