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About Director

About Our Managing Director

With a professional experience of over 25 years among a long journey of giving and great efforts, from his academic beginnings in high school degree in Kuwait, then the bachelor’s and the master’s degrees with excellence and honor in Ukraine, to enter the business world and start working with Al Hamed Company as a site engineer and then joined Juma Al Majid Company to move up the career ladder to handed over the Area Manager of Northern Emirates region around 17 years, then to Faisal Al Jassim Company, and heads the projects department in all over the UAE for 4 years. Therefore, he became a great biography with experience and wisdom in his field of specialization, all his dealings with owners, contractors and consultants gathered on his leadership in this field, so that the sun shines for Yahya Al-Zeir Company for Electrical and Mechanical Works and embodies the experiences of the years within the highest quality standards. Where many engineers and competent employees joined to create a distinguished family based on integrity, quality and always striving to provide the best within the framework of the company. Eng. Yahya Al Zeir has been able to translate Clients wants and needs to tangible results with the highest quality and within the cost and time frame assigned through applying his extensive knowledge in this field in addition to integrating the continuous innovation revolution which is presented in the UAE Market into the services he presents to his clients Eng. Yahya has led multidisciplinary and complex projects successfully across the UAE, specifically across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the Northern Emirates. His commitment towards every job is evident in every team member where each of them displays the same level of drive and dedication. His vision does not only serve this company’s purpose but rather the bigger community around and UAE as a whole.

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